Dr. Diederik Gommers

Dr. Diederik Gommers
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Rotterdam, The Netherlands


Diederik Gommers achieved his Ph.D., Erasmus MC, Rotterdam, on 9 December 1998
with his dissertation entitled “Factors affecting surfactant responsiveness.” Promotor: Prof. Dr B. Lachmann. Medical Doctor, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, March 1996. Anesthesiologist, Erasmus MC Rotterdam, October 2003
Instructor: Prof. Dr. J. Klein. Intensivist, AMC University Amsterdam, March 2005
Instructor: Prof. Dr. M.B. Vroom. Chronological profes-sional experience: 2003-2005 Trauma-physician Helicop-ter-MMT (Medical Mobil Team), Erasmus MC. 2003-2006 Physician Anesthesiology, Erasmus MC. 2005-2006 Phy-sician Intensive Care, Erasmus MC. 2006-2013 Vice-chairman department of ICU-adults, Erasmus MC. 2010-2013 Instructor in Intensive Care Medicine, Erasmus MC. 2013-today Chairman of department of ICU-adults, Erasmus MC. His major research topics are mechanical ventilation, ECMO and light-sedation practice in the ICU with over 100 publications.

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