Dr. Lyness David

Dr. Lyness David
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Belfast, Northern Ireland
WORKSHOP, SoMe http://www.propofology.com


Dr. David Lyness is an Anaesthetist from Northern Ireland.

He is the founder of Propofology.com which publishes #FOAM resources in anaesthesia, critical care and pain medicine. Recently published projects include CERTA (Channels, Enzymes and Receptors Targeted Analgesia), Traumatic Brain Injury as well as collaborations in Spanish for South American Intensive Care doctors.  Amongst the resources, you will also find his popular free eBook,
'An Absolute Beginners' Guide to Anaesthetics' as well as a video series on YouTube. David is a clinical tutor for final year medical students at Queens University Belfast. He is also the co-founder of 'QuickNursing.com' - a FOAM website for student and qualified nurses.

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