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H. Nootens

H. Nootens

In the early 50's, Mr Henry Nootens was already active in the World of the hospitals. In 1957 he founded, together with his wife Mrs Gilberte Poels, the company named H. Nootens SA. Those days, the fundamentals of the gamma of hospitalization were made. The range of products contained needles and syringes, sterilization boxes, urologic catheters, endotracheal tubes, all kinds o bandages etc.

Their Son, Jean-Jacques Nootens, enters the family company in 1968 and he decides to create the surgical department. This department offers a range of products for the use in the OR: surgical instruments, instruments for thoracic drainage, orthopedic en ophthalmologic implants. Mr Andre Lombarts starts in 1978 as the head of the department of hospitalization and as the chief of finances. In 1995, Mrs Valerie-Anne Nootens starts in the company to improve the impact of marketing. In 1998 she becomes the head of quality care. Pierre-Henri Nootens joins the team in 2002 and he takes care of the stocks of our different suppliers.

These days, our team of 12 specialized representatives visits the hospitals on daily basis. The group Hospiplan-Nootens was erected in 1996 to adept the activities better to the reality of the European market. Nowadays, Hospiplan focuses on the commercialization of the new products which demand optimalization following the Belgian and Luxembourgian specificities.

Philosophy of the company
H Nootens SA became well known thanks to the good quality of service to the world of surgery and hospitals. Following our philosophy, we are convinced that it is important to listen very carefully to the needs of our clients to give a good service. Thanks to a good management of our stock, we are able to supply most of our orders of common products to the hospitals in a small amount of time. During 2004, efforts in the area of Quality Care made it possible to acquire the certificate ISO 9001-2000 and EN 13485:2003.

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