Dr. Koomen Erik

Dr. Koomen Erik
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Utrecht, The Netherlands


Erik is a pediatric cardiac anesthetist and intensivist at the PICU of Wilhelmina Children’s Hospital, UMC Utrecht, The Netherlands. He worked and trained MUMC (Anesthesia) / Starship Auckland, NZ (PICU) / Sophia Children’s Hospital Erasmus MC (Pediatric Anesthesia/PICU). He is  interested in technical improvement of pediatric intensive care: Ventilator's: Neonatal and Pediatric modes and optimization, Smart & Silent ICU: Monitoring: "Smart  Pediatric ICU" (integration of data to information), Silencing syringes drivers and smart connections to prescriptions, Optimization build of our new Pediatric ICU, Student project with Rule Engine to explore options. He is the founder of the School of Ventilation: we provide multiple trainings from respiratory insufficiency till high tech problem shooting on the ventilators.

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