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The ultimate aim of this site is to provide a single structured resource for accessing scientific advancement in the field of critical care. This is primarily provided via links to open access articles from across the entire medical literature. In addition to many mainstream journals providing open access to their published articles, either immediately or after a period of time, many journals less familiar to intensivists also publish freely available articles. In keeping with the modern development of open access journals, links to many of whom are provided, this website aims to enable visitors freely access important scientific advances within the speciality. Links to freely accessible podcasts and vodcasts, many from from major international meetings, are also available. Each week a specific topic is chosen for review and is displayed in "This Week's Papers".  A featured article on this topic is presented daily in the the "Paper of the Day" section and provides an easy way to stay up-to-date with current developments in critical care. In a similar manner, recent publications from the major journals are highlighted in the "Journal Watch" section and a newsletter containing the week's developments in critical care is emailed to all registered users weekly. All papers are handpicked from across the spectrum of medical and scientific literature and are available from the publisher without charge. These  articles can alternatively be accessed via  search engines such as Google Scholar or PubMed. Articles are not stored on this website and all traffic is directed to the journal's website from where files are accessed.  Due to the size of the critical care literature it will take a long time before most major topics are covered. If there are specific papers you wish to see added please email me and I can update the site accordingly. Similarly, if any broken links are found please let me know. Through the "Paper of the Day" facility, all areas of critical care will be focused upon in turn, enabling incomplete topics to be completed.

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