MTT Medical Technology Transfer

MTT Medical Technology Transfer

MTT is specialised in non-invasive monitoring of Ventilation and Perfusion. The Evidence Based Monitoring technology for Hemodynamic optimization of IC and OR patients, the Oesophagale Doppler Monitor ODM.
ODM-guided fluid management is a cornerstone of Enhanced Recovery, delivering better quality, more cost effective care as it means patients recover from their surgery faster and leave hospital sooner and in better health than they otherwise would do.
Please contact us, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., to demonstrate the CardioQ ODM or introduce you to the substantial high quality evidence base that reveals both clinical and economic grounds for use of ODM-guided fluid management.

What NICE said about Cardio-Q Doppler
". . .The case for adopting the CardioQ-ODM in the NHS,. . .is supported by the evidence. . .The CardioQ ODM should be considered for use in patients undergoing major or high-risk surgery or other surgical patients in whom a clinician would consider using invasive cardiovascular monitoring. This will include patients undergoing major or high-risk surgery or high risk patients undergoing intermediate-risk surgery." NICE: Medical Technology guidance 3. National Institute for Health and Clinical Excellent, March 2011.

Medical Technology Transfer is founded in 1993 and has the ambition to effectively support medical practice and medical treatment with carefully selected, evidence based technologies.
MTT focuses on the introduction, delivery and maintenance of directly applicable clinical measuring, monitoring and respiratory equipment and related systems with high added value. Neonatology, developmental care and optimal care of the heart and lung function are focus points.
At the same time is an excellent support to both doctors and nurses as well as medical physicists and medical technicians a high priority. Hereto MTT offers training standard with procurement of a system and a telephone helpline 24 hours, seven days a week available for user questions and emergency support.
Also the short and long term rental of systems belongs to the possibilities. The "budget save rent" is developed together with some major clients and is frequently asked for nowadays.

MTT supports medical research and promotes the exchange of knowledge and experience between users and manufacturers.


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