Honorary Day 2 Opening Lectures

Honorary Day 2 Opening Lectures

Fluids in the Mechanically Ventilated Patient
Luciano Gattinoni



How a little girl saved the world
Matthew Morgan

Matt took us through the journey of how intensive care started.

The birth of intensive care medicine: Björn Ibsen’s records

He challenges Intensivisits to make sense of the patient’s story.

In summary the secret of ICM is…

The Sodium Conundrum
Niels Van Regenmortel

Niels discusses the riddle of salt. In critically ill patients, is it the water or the sodium load that is the problem. Lot of the salt overload comes from the dreaded “maintenance” fluid and drugs that we dilute in “normal saline” 60% was quoted on the slide.



Effect of isotonic versus hypotonic maintenance fluid therapy on urine output, fluid balance, and electrolyte homeostasis: a crossover study in fasting adult volunteer


Summary/Key points



Mobilising oedema in the oedematous critically ill patient with ARDS: do we seek natriuresis not diuresis?

Addition of indapamide to frusemide increases natriuresis and creatinine clearance, but not diuresis, in fluid overloaded ICU patients


Blood purification and Sepsis

L Forni


Early use of polymyxin B hemoperfusion in patients with septic shock due to peritonitis: a multicenter randomized control trial.


What's new in the extracorporeal treatment of sepsis?

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