Presentations IFAD 2015: 27 november

Time Room: Belle Epoque Room: Lijn
9:00 Introduction and Welcome to the 5th iFAD Meeting!
Manu Malbrain
9:15 Honorary IFAD Opening Lecture The Guinea Pig Club: the Advent of Salt Water Resuscitation
David Muckart
9:35 PRO-CON Debate Perioperative Goal Directed Therapy: PRO
Alexandre Joosten
9:50 PRO-CON Debate Perioperative Goal Directed Therapy: CON
Azriel Perel
10.55 What everyone should now about Balanced Solutions
Pietro Caironi
What everyone needs to know about Fluid Responsiveness and Fluid Challenges
Xavier Monnet
11:15 PRO-CON debate on crystalloids
PRO: I need balanced solutions
Dileep Lobo
PRO-CON debate on CVP
PRO: I need CVP monitoring
Anders Perner
11:30 PRO-CON debate on crystalloids
CON: Saline is just fine
Niels Van Regenmortel
PRO-CON debate on CVP
CON: I don't need CVP monitoring
Daniel Reuter
13:00 Tips and Tricks on how to get the most out of your PiCCO device?
Manu Malbrain
Maintenance fluids: from recommendations for daily practice
Dileep Lobo
13:30 How to get the most out of your ventilator and NAVA?
Diederik Gommers
Renal recovery and modality choice
John Prowle
14:00 Perioperative Goal Directed Therapy: something for us?
Alexandre Joosten
HES in trauma: current status and future perspectives
Karim Asehnoune
15:40 What everyone should know about Albumin
Pietro Caironi
What everyone should now about Critical Care Ultrasound
Antoine Vieillard - Baron
15:55 PRO-CON debate on the role of albumin
PRO: I need albumin on the ICU
Luciano Gattinoni
PRO-CON debate on ultrasound
PRO: I need US monitoring
Jan Poelaert
16:10 PRO-CON debate on the role of albumin
CON: I don't need albumin!
Paul Elbers
PRO-CON debate on ultrasound
CON: I don't need US monitoring
Adrian Wong
16:40 Assessing volumes status from urine
Pietro Caironi
Why measure transpulmonary pressures?
Davide Chiumello
16:55 The glycocalyx: new insights
Can Ince
Lung and diaphragm ultrasound
Davide Chiumello

Friday November 27th 2015

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