Presentations IFAD 2011

Title Speaker
Assessment of fluid therapy: use the right tool for the right job! Xavier Monnet
Dry lungs are happy, but a dry liver is deadly: how can dye-dilution help us? Michael Bauer
Fluid overload: poor cosmetics or bad medicine? Manu Malbrain
Introduction and basic concepts of fluid therapy Niels Van Regenmortel
Pushing the boundaries: what’s beyond the final frontier? Can Ince
Some colloids are more equal than others: does our choice matter? Sibylle Kozek-Langenecker
Techniques for the future: continuity versus accuracy? Azriel Perel
The clash of the titans: crystalloids versus colloids? Eric Hoste
The clash of the titans: Volumetric vs barometric indices of preload Manu Malbrain
The hypertonics: lessons from massive fluid administration for small volume therapy Dirk Himpe
The search for the Holy Grail continues: is there a place for lactate? Jan Bakker

1st International Fluid Academy Day

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