Presentations IFAD 2013: 30 november

Saturday November 30th 2013

Room: Belle Epoque

Time Presentation Speaker
08:45 Introduction Niels Van Regenmortel, Antwerp, Belgium
09:10 Choice of Fluids in the Perioperative Setting Dileep Lobo, Nottingham, UK
09:30 High Fluid Need during Cardiac Surgery: Can we do without HES? Philippe Van der Linden, Brussels, Belgium
09:50 Goal directed perioperative monitoring Michael Sander, Berlin, Germany
10:55 Choice of Fluids in Sepsis Anders Perner, Copenhagen, Denmark
11:15 It is not only a Diamond that Shines and Glit-ters: Fluids beyond Cristal Djillali Annane, Garches, France
11:35 Resuscitation from Severe Sepsis: do we need care bundles? Azriel Perel, Tel Aviv, Israel
13:10 Less invasive monitoring in practice Xavier Monnet, Paris, France
13:40 The Art of De-resuscitation Manu Malbrain, Antwerp, Belgium
14:05 Challenges in Right Heart Failure Jean-Louis Teboul, Paris, France
14:25 Nutrition after an ePanic Attack Alexander Wilmer, Leuven, Belgium
15:30 Choice of Fluids after Trauma Sybille Kozek-Langenecker, Vienna, Austria
15:50 Update in Traumatic Brain Injury Philippe Jorens, Antwerp, Belgium
16:10 Keep an Eye on the Microcirculation! Can Ince, Rotterdam, The Netherlands
16:35 Honorary IFAD Closing Lecture: Applying the Surviving Sepsis Campaign to Clinical Practice Ruth Kleinpell, Chicago, USA
17:10 Wrap it up Manu Malbrain, Antwerp, Belgium

Room: Groenplaats, 1st PICC Workshop, Peripherally Inserted Central venous Catheters

Supported by an unrestricted educational grant from Vygon

Time Presentation Speaker
08:00 Role of PICC in fluid management of critically ill patients Ton Van Boxtel, Rome, Italy
08:35 Ultrasound-guided, EKG-guided for PICC insertion Mauro Pittiruti, Rome, Italy
09:10 Maintenance of PICC and infection pre-vention Giancarlo Scoppettuolo, Rome, Italy
10:05 Basics of ultrasound. Ultrasound anatomy of the vasculature of the arm (on healthy volunteers) Mauro Pittiruti, Rome, Italy and Ton Van Boxtel, Rome, Italy
11:00 Ultrasound venipuncture and PICC place-ment (on simulator) Giancarlo Scoppettuolo, Rome, Italy

Satellite Symposia

Time Presentation Speaker Room
13:10 Individualized hemodynamic treatment in the OR - rational and clinical implementation Michael Sander, Berlin, Germany Tiffany
13:10 Role for omega-3 enriched parenteral nu-trition in sepsis Philip Calder, Southampton, UK Shah
13:10 Voluven in Pediatric Cardiac Surgery Philippe Van der Linden, Brussels, Belgium Sancy
13:10 Infusion Fluids - Current Topics Robert Hahn, Linköping, Sweden Florentine

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